Don’t be afraid! 

What keeps people from fulfilling their purpose is the fact that their putting all their energy into their fears. -K.Knowledge 😊

Sometimes Things Just Happen as They Should 

Hey Readers! 
The other day I was scheduled to meet with a client but the client unexpectedly canceled on me. So I decided to take another client being that I had the time. Some days I doubt myself as a helping professional wondering if I’m competent enough. In the face of doubt the universe showed me that I am good at what I do. As I’m speaking with my client she begins to cry telling me how much I mean to her and how I’ve helped her and her family. I thanked her for her kind words. It was at that moment that I’m reminded that “Everything Happens for a Reason” or as I say now

“Sometimes Things Just Happen as They Should”

Upon waking up to self doubt. I went through my day as normal as possible. If my original client had not canceled I would still be doubting myself professionally. Although my day didn’t go as scheduled. My day happened as it should have happened. As other happenings have taught me like this one I must continue to go with the flow of life. 


We had a lot going on! 

Hey readers, 

It’s Knowledge here. A lot has happened since we last posted something. We’ve each had our share of ups and downs and trying times. It’s not easy trying to sync three schedules together to keep a blog going. In this new year I would like to continue what we created two years ago on vacation. I’ll be sharing my views and spiritual experiences with you guys. I’m hoping from time to time my spiritual sisters will join me in a post or two to share their experiences with you as well. I hope you all have had a wonderful New Years! I know I did. 🙂 



“Keep at It”

We started this blog with one common purpose and that purpose is to share our insight with others. We each have our own unique story to tell. Each giving our own perspective on things in life. The planning process of this blog began one weekend in Martha’s Vineyard. It was one week we won’t forget. The drive there was such an adventure especially being that we almost missed our boat to get to the island. It would be this weekend that would start the concept of TalkLoveKnowledge. The title of our name represents the first initial of our first names, TLK. Our name resembles much of who we are.

Talk is a writer. She writes books. You have to check out her first book A Family Torn. It’s a really good read. I kid you not, I couldn’t put the book down. I read it in five hours. That’s how interesting it was. Talk I’m still waiting to read the sequel. :-).

Now let me tell you about Love. She is a mother at heart. She loves each member as if we were her own children but were really close friends. OMG! You have to try her cooking and check out her home decor styles. Upon entering her home it’s like being at your own home. You can tell her home is filled with love. Also, she makes jewelry! Yes! She’s a chef, home decorator, and a jeweler all in one. Check out her work on Etsy under Affordable. Ambience. She’s good at what she does.

I’m sure you guys figured it out, I’m Knowledge. My name fits me in a way that it describes what I love to do and that’s to learn. I will soon be a doctoral candidate by the fall of this year. I love learning and learned that life isn’t just about book smarts but it’s also about being street smart and having experiences. Learning is a part of my purpose and how I will fulfill my purpose.
Back to the title of the post. Now that you know a little bit about us. It has been a struggle these past two months for all us. First, Love had issues that she had to handle, then Talk had hers and now I’m having mine. I’m currently sick and with the help of my antibiotics and steroids I will be back to normal soon. I’m writing this as a reminder to us and others whom it may touch that you should “Keep at It” no matter what you’re going through. No matter the obstacle, situation or occurrence. What you put into a plan, complete with the action. We will continue to “Keep at It!” Please bear with us as we continue to develop and evolve into what will be a great thing.

Thanks for being a reader of


What is Universal Love?

So today I will talk about my perspective on universal love. What is universal love? Universal love for me means love in all forms. It’s the love of family, friends, life, our interests, hobbies, style, color, and the things we dislike and/or hate. That’s right you can love to dislike and/or hate something. Well that’s what I believe. I look at it like this; the things we like and don’t like makes us who we are. So, why not love the things you dislike/hate?
Universal love is love for all. It’s love for all things no matter what. It’s love for things that are different, the same, and rare. Universal love can also be new love. It can be a new love of your life, new love for a new baby, and a love for something you once hated but now love.
Universal love can mean many things. I just told you what it means to me. So! What does it mean to you?


Why I love Thy Self?

Why I love thy self? I love myself for many reasons. It took me a long time to reach this point. It wasn’t until I was in an emotionally abusive relationship I realized that love comes from within. I stayed with my ex for convenience, comfort, and acceptance. I was happy that my ex accepted being in a relationship with me being that I haven’t been in one in a long time. It was comfortable having someone to go home to no matter how much I hated being there. Also, it was convenient to have him in my life, just to say I am in a relationship and to talk about my “boyfriend”. However, on the inside I questioned a lot of who I was. Am I good enough to be this man’s wife? Am I sexy enough? Am I thin and smart enough? Because he belittled me, I belittled myself. I was ashamed of all my accomplishments because he was not where he wanted to be in life. I contemplated whether or not I should finish my Masters Degree just so that I could make him feel better about himself. No matter what I did to change myself, he was still unhappy. It wouldn’t be until the end of the relationship That I realized that I needed to love myself.

I listened to songs and love stories about how people felt complete after they met “the one “. I wanted this type of love I heard of. How was I going to find this type of love? I began to converse with married women that I knew and asked them how did they know they found the one. I listened to their stories and then they would comment on how they were inspired by me because I know what I want out of life. I had these discussions way before my relationship. I know you’re probably like, “What did you get out of these conversations?” What I got out of them was that each woman I spoke to had a common theme. They didn’t know themselves. They thought a husband and kids would make them complete. They also were trying to love themselves and find out what makes them, them. It would be years later, an emotionally abused soul, and the realization from these women that made me go deeper into self. I wondered if some married women didn’t know their own existence without their husband and kids, how was I to know?

I began to meditate and write. I wrote all my flaws down, everything I’ve done in the past and present. I faced them. I went through each thing one by one and accepted them. I accepted the hurt I caused others. I accepted and forgave those who hurt me. The more I accepted, I began to love me more. I discovered what I already knew. I am only human. I have flaws. I am an imperfect perfection. I am me. I also acknowledged my emotions. I acknowledged all hurt, lost, anger, regret, shame, love, compassion, grief, lust, passion, care, worry, fear, and guilt. When I acknowledged and accepted my feelings, they became the story they were once a part of and that is the past. I felt so renewed. I love myself and I can’t wait to share the whole part of me with the whole part of someone else. Self love is the most important love one can have. Without self love, you allow others to dictate how you should love yourself.

Remember to love thy self!!!